Upgrade your home security in Newcastle with the reliable team from Balanced Security Solutions.

Whether you’re looking to secure your home or keep your business protected, Balanced Security Solutions offers alarm systems to suit your security needs.

We offer alarm systems to suit all budgets and property areas, and can set up an integration with your CCTV cameras and access control for complete security. The safety of yourself, your family and your employees is important to us, which is why we complete a thorough evaluation of your property to ensure we are covering all bases.

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What’s the difference between CCTV and an alarm system?

CCTV systems are simply cameras recording a particular location. By themselves, they are a recording system and can provide you with a record of the people passing by your home or business every day. They cannot alert the police or yourself if someone tresspasses unless an alarm system is connected to the CCTV device.

An alarm system uses advanced analytics of a CCTV or a dedicated alarm system to trigger an alarm response monitored via a control room or personal mobile phone when the system picks up an unauthorised individual trespassing the property. Our alarm systems range in price and sophistication, depending on your individual needs and budget.

Who will monitor the alarm system for my home or business?

The alarm systems we install for our clients will alert yourself and the relevant authorities when triggered. Our goal is to reduce the down time between your property being trespassed and the trespasser being apprehended.

There’s a strict no BS policy here at Balanced Security – when your property is being broken into you need to catch the individual, not just record them.

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How much do alarm systems cost?

A basic alarm system can be purchased for around $1200, this will include the alarm system, keypad and 3 x PIR (*Installation additional)

What do I do if I want to install an alarm system on my property?

Before installing an alarm system, call a licensed security technician. It is illegal in NSW to install an alarm or CCTV system without the proper certifications.

Once you talk to a member of our team, we will have a follow up meeting or site visit to evaluate what type of alarm system best suits your property. We will provide our recommendations and once approved, we will install the relevant technology.

Our security technicians will ensure the system is set up correctly and can provide training to yourself or your staff if required. We also complete a six-month checkup of the system to ensure it’s working as it should.

Contact the dependable team from Balanced Security Solutions. We can assist with alarm system installation and management – just give us a call now.

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