Ensure your construction site remains safe overnight in Newcastle with the team from Balanced Security Solutions.

Is your construction site constantly being trespassed, vandalised or stolen from? The team at Balanced Security can help. We have a no BS approach to construction site security in Newcastle - there’s next to no downtime between a trespass being identified to the police being called so your property stays where it’s meant to - on site.

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Why do I need security for my construction site?

No business can afford theft – it’s simply not acceptable. With the range of security options available now, it’s possible to have basic security on a small budget.

We cater for budgets of all sizes and different scopes of works – it’s our aim to help you reduce and eliminate theft and onsite damages. We have a strict standard operating procedure which has been developed with one specific goal – keep our client’s property safe.

What type of construction site security systems do you offer?

Our team use modern systems which work 24/7. Instead of having a guard who works set hours, we install technology that doesn’t sleep and can detect people up to 200m away.

Our construction security systems offer a cost effective solution – a security guard can cost from $42 per hour, whereas the systems we implement are fraction of the price when considering their ability to run 24/7.

The systems we install are based on our standard operating procedures so there is minimised human error. Police are called immediately when a trespass is recognised, reducing down time between initial potential break in and the trespasser leaving.

Our systems range from solar cameras to wireless alarm systems – our licensed security technicians will evaluate the best technology for your needs.

newcastle construction site
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How has Balanced Security helped prevent construction site theft?

Theft on construction sites is becoming more and more prevalent in the Newcastle & Hunter Area. With more developments and construction comes a greater risk of theft.

Balanced Security are proud to be the preferred security supplier for GWH – one of Newcastle’s biggest commercial property developers. When Balanced Security conducted a security audit for GWH, we identified several opportunities to improve the security systems.

The Results

We may not be a multi-national company, but the numbers don’t lie. And we don’t mess around when it comes to security.

Our security systems and procedures means police are called the moment there is a breach recognised in the system. This drastically increases the chances of catching the trespassers and reducing theft.

Over $120,000 saved in five weeks

5 arrests

8 detections of unauthorised individuals on site

A responsive time of under ten minutes

What type of construction site security systems do you offer?

  1. You contact our team
  2. We have a phone call to discuss your individual security needs
  3. We conduct an onsite or office visit to review your sites’ requirements
  4. We provide you with a quote
  5. You approve the quote
  6. Our licensed technicians implement the security system on site
  7. (Optional) We can train your team on how to get the most out of your system
  8. Our technicians provide a complimentary review after 6 months to check in on the system

Contact Balanced Security today for more information on how we can help you.

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