Secure your building site development with security from the team at Balanced Security

The future of security technologies is changing rapidly. Don’t risk building a sub-par security infrastructure for your new development. Our team of licensed security professionals can help create a comprehensive security system to keep your development safe and secure.

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How can Balanced Security help with building site security?

The team at Balanced Security Solutions can help you develop a comprehensive security management system for your development. Our process involves a security audit of the site or plan and working with you to create a security strategy to keep your property safe.

The audit will identify key areas of weakness in the site as well as opportunities to integrate modern security technology to ensure the safety of everyone onsite. This can involve a CCTV and alarm system setup, security key card, number plate recognition technology for secure parking and more.

Why should we invest in building site security?

It’s no secret the future of security technology is changing. Prepare for the future today by including a modern security management system in your development plans.

By implementing these technologies now, you are protecting yourself against the potential costs of updating the security infrastructure when your old security becomes outdated and poorly managed.

Plan for more effective security solutions now with Balanced Security Solutions.

building development security services newcastle
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How much does building site security cost?

Our team will provide a personalised quote for you based on your individual requirements.

Our building development security systems start from as little as $4000. This is dependent on the type of technology your site requires and the level of sophistication you need.

What’s the Balanced Security process?

  1. You approve the quote
  2. Our licensed technicians implement the security system on site
  3. (Optional) We can train your team on how to get the most out of your system
  4. Our technicians provide a complimentary review after 6 months to check in on the system
  5. You contact our team
  6. We have a phone call to discuss your individual security needs
  7. We conduct an onsite or office visit to review your sites’ requirements
  8. We provide you with a quote

Get in touch with our team today and speak to an experienced and certified security specialist today.

building development security services newcastle