Get better protection from the best security guards in Newcastle. Our experienced, devoted team can reassure and protect you against any danger.

At Balanced Security Solutions, our security guards and officers are recruited and trained with a carefully designed range of core competencies. Each potential guard undergoes a comprehensive selection process which includes police checks, literacy and numeracy testing, reference checking, and probity clearance. You can be sure that a Balanced Security guard is always one step ahead.

Our Newcastle security guards are proactive, approachable, and ultimately reassuring. We believe security guards should have a positive influence on your event, rather than intimidating your guests, which is why our hiring process is so rigorous.

We only hire the best and most reliable security guards in the industry.

newcastle security guards at an event

What can a security guard do for me?

Our Newcastle security guards and officers can assume a wide range of roles, including:

  • Concierge and customer service
  • Static guarding including access control/gatehouse, asset protection, and screening
  • Mobile security patrols and alarm responses
  • Control room (alarm monitoring, video surveillance)
  • Covert loss prevention
  • Drug and alcohol screening
  • Traffic control (traffic and curbside management)
  • Emergency response (first aid, rescue, medics)

Balanced Security Solutions invests in the training and development of our guards through the delivery of customised training packages. As a Registered Training Organisation, we have the expertise to deliver nationally recognised training to enhance our service.

Why should I hire a security guard in Newcastle?

Security guards don’t have to be seen as menacing and intimidating figures looming over your party – trust us, we don’t like those guys either – which is why all of our security guards are trained in-house by our own team of experienced officers.

It’s our goal to ensure your event is fun, memorable, and stress-free, so your security guards will be friendly and approachable at all times to put your mind – and your guests – at ease.

Security guards are a good option for people who like to host exclusive functions and events, but also want to avoid gatecrashers. If you’re worried about uninvited guests, our security guards will keep an eye on the door, keep the event exclusive, and serve as a preventative measure against anti-social behaviour.

We have extensive experience removing potentially dangerous people from the premises and doing so in a calm, effective manner, so other guests aren’t startled, scared, or disturbed.

Your safety and comfort is our number one priority. Get in touch with our team of trained, professional security guards in Newcastle. We can help make your event feel safe and secure – no matter the occasion.

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