Ensure the safety of your building with the top strata security in Newcastle

Keep your residential or commercial strata safe with Balanced Security Solutions. We can deliver a comprehensive security management system for your strata management team to protect your facility. We work with strata developments of all shapes and sizes, providing them with security services to keep the property protected and secure.

How can Balanced Security help with strata security?

Balanced Security are experts in modern security technology. We can help update your existing security management system or audit your current system to identify weaknesses and opportunities to strengthen your security systems.

Balanced Security offer competitive pricing for strata security maintenance and we are locally owned – meaning you’re dealing with a local, not a stranger in an office in Sydney. We can offer training for your tenants and residents so you can make the most of your strata security.

The big businesses in the industry charge around $350 to re-issue a set of keys. Our team can do this at a fraction of the cost. When you work with Balanced Security Solutions, you’re working with a business who knows how to get the best bang for your buck – whether that means investing in 24 hour security system instead of a nightly patrol, or offering security services without a ridiculous markup.

Our team can install the following as part of a strata security system:

  • Boom gates for parking
  • CCTV in common areas, entrances, car parking etc.
  • Alarm systems
  • Access control systems for particular areas of the development.
  • Security access cards or identification
  • Lift control systems
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Why do we need to invest in strata security?

It’s important to keep up with the times. Trespassers and vandals are becoming bolder and it’s critical they know your development is protected. You can save thousands of dollars by implementing (and promoting) your comprehensive security systems.

Your development requires basic security to keep tenant and residents’ minds at ease. They can rest assured knowing their personal property is protected by a comprehensive strata security system.

How much does strata security cost?

Our certified security technicians can audit your existing strata security plan or work with your development team to create a new custom security plan.

These services start from $2500 and include:

  • An audit of your existing system
  • A comprehensive plan to update your security plan
  • Implementation of the technology outlined in the security plan
  • Service plan for a minimum of 12 months and ongoing

Get in touch with our team today and we can help you with your strata security plans.

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